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In the ever accelerating technology sector Kerri Evans & Associates is your consultative partner helping you develop strategies to find the right niche skills at the right time.  We have learned that if you’re using today’s business requirements to staff your positions for long term needs, you’re already behind.  Our services help you stay proactive.


Executive Search

Our secret to success is simple. We invest time in fostering relationships. We follow, map and support the careers of the best talent in the tech industry, while taking care to provide a highly customized search experience for our employer brands.

Every search’s success starts with a discovery process. We dig deep to establish your requirements and define the elements of “fit”. Next we research and source the ideal match for the role. Our upfront research allows us to make solid recommendations as you make your hiring decisions. Whether you’re looking for the right set of skills to drive your goals or reshape your company culture, your strategic needs are always in mind as we qualify candidates. 

If you really do your homework well, and qualify and calibrate the candidates, you'll find those two to three special candidates that will work for the client. You don't have to flood them with resumes. They're busy!

Kerri Evans

Talent acquisition for teams

The power of ‘team’ to do your best work can’t be overstated. To execute on a great strategy you need the right people with the talent to drive your vision, so it’s imperative to get that right first. A thoughtful talent acquisition plan is the essential first step and that is where we can help.

We’ll work with you to assemble the team you need with the right mix of niched skillsets who also align with your values. It takes some planning and long-term focus, which is why we reserve this service for existing clients with whom we have a deep understanding of their brand, work dynamics and goals. Forging an exceptional team might sound like a challenge but with some dedicated planning, we can help you get there.

Search streamlined for success

The end goal of our process is to build a team that will help you achieve the company’s boldest ambitions

Define your strategy for executive search. We’ll work with you to determine the right skills and leadership qualities to hire. With a strategy in place, you can navigate the process with ease, and maintain productivity while building your optimal team.

Source based on your goals and values, we emphasize representing your brand story to attract candidates that will be a great company fit. Our network is deep, so we’ll find leaders with those hard-to-find skills too. Finding those niche skillsets is what we do best.

Make the right choice. At the hiring phase, we share our independent observations to aid your decision. We’ll make sure you don’t lose top talent to a lengthy process or better offer. We’ll help you secure the very best match to drive your vision.

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